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¡México te Necesita!

Achievements 2022

¡Thank you Ecoestufa

for your solidarity and support to those who need it most after last month’s earthquakes!

Thanks to the Costco team

and his clients for always supporting us in the fight against Breast Cancer!

Thank you Bodegas Alianza

If your child requires a cochlear implant...

Contact us and we will gladly guide you

Tel. 55 5202 1051 ó 55 5202 1054

Organ Donation,

it is an opportunity to donate life

Do you know a child with a cleft lip / palate?

Contact us

Thank you HOME DEPOT

For helping us help!

You can help us to continue

Saving the lives of burned children …

Quematel 01-800-080-8182

Welcome to Sólo por ayudar

We are an institution dedicated to help those who are disadvantaged, seeking to improve their quality of life and alleviate the suffering of the poor people. We feel that helping is not a merit, it is a privilege of those who have a little more. It is a way to give back to life something much he has given us.

Helping is not a merit, it is a privilege of all who have a little more. Share with us the satisfaction of giving.


Helping is giving back to life some of what gives us


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