Achievements 2010

  • Deliver 4690 tons of food to benefit 60,000 people monthly.
  • Supporting supply 365 tons of clothing, shoes, blankets and food to communities affected by natural disasters.
  • Provide treatment and care for over 600 patients with chronic myeloid leukemia through Amanc – Sólo por Ayudar.
  • 1000 Address requests for support to health.
  • Promote self-examination as part of the Early Detection of Breast Cancer by 100 million impacts through text messages, videos, lectures and printed, 900 referrals to health care institutions to 100 requests in its treatment of women fight against this disease.
  • Achieve 45 kidney transplants.
  • Syndicate 2’640, 042 units of medication in conjunction with the Order of Malta.
  • And keep in operation with Ministries of Love shelter that provides care and shelter to 200 children.
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