Thanks to your generosity in 2014

Know everything we achieved in 2014 thanks to your support.


  • Addressing 816 women with Breast Cancer through various support and guidance for admission to specialized institutions.
  • Getting 57 people materialize kidney transplant surgery.
  • 2015 Address requests for support to health.
  • Providing all facilities for 140 patients received against chronic myeloid leukemia treatment
  • Distribute medication 2’211,759 units.
  • The collection of 2557 tons of food, benefiting over 40,000 people monthly.
  • Support with 239 tons of supply, clothing and blankets to communities affected by natural disasters.
  • 65 Supporting people to achieve Cataract surgery.
  • Keep a shelter to provide comprehensive care for children living on the streets.
  • Influence public policies on organ donation.
  • Distribute ecological stoves and treat patients with lung cancer.

Thanks to these actions the people who have had the opportunity to attend have joined your family, work and social life.